About EWP


The Ecosystem Workforce Program (EWP) is a joint program of the Institute for Resilient Organizations, Communities, and Environments (IROCE) at the University of  Oregon and the College of Forestry at Oregon State University. This unique partnership allows Oregon's two leading universities to collectively contribute to natural resource governance that fosters prosperity and sustainability.

Together, we apply scientific expertise and leadership to produce better outcomes for land and people.

EWP was founded at the UO in 1994 to support the development of a high-skill, high-wage ecosystem management industry in the Pacific Northwest. Our work is continually informed by the current needs of natural resources practitioners, managers, and decision makers. Our work has evolved to provide state-of-the-art social science research and communication aimed at promoting the resilience of forests and people. EWP employs social science methods from qualitative (e.g., case studies, interviews) and quantitative (e.g., large dataset and spatial analysis) approaches on topics such as accomplishing cross-boundary restoration, wildland fire policy and management, forest governance, and rural economies and land use. 

Our publications and technical assistance aim to inform policy makers and practitioners. We contribute to scholarly and practical discourse. We publish working and briefing papers, infographics, guides, videos, and fact sheets and contribute to scientific journals and conferences, manager and practitioner networks, and partner events. We also seek to apply our research through technical assistance to partners. 

EWP projects are funded by state and federal agency agreements, and competitively awarded research and extension grants. The success of our work relies on our strong partnerships with other universities, local, state and federal agency partners, NGOs, and the private sector. 

Key OSU Partners

Emily Jane Davis, Associate Professor, Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society, Oregon State University