Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition

Ecosystem Workforce Program (EWP) collaborates closely with the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC) to help address emerging policy and practice needs in the US West. RVCC is a coalition of more than 80 nonprofit, public, and private organizations that envisions healthy landscapes and vibrant rural communities across the American West.

EWP faculty have served as founding and ongoing leadership team members of RVCC and have led or contributed to numerous reports, events, and outcomes through this important partnership.

Research reports

Implementation Partnership Opportunities in the Pacific Northwest. This assessment examined the current capacity and future interests of community-based organizations in participating directly in management of national forest land in Washington and Oregon. We found that many CBOs have strong administrative capacities for collaboration, planning, implementation, and monitoring. 

Implementing Outcome-Based Performance Measures aligned with the Forest Service’s Shared Stewardship Strategy. This report for the Forest Service offered a new set of outcome- based performance measures that align with the intent of the Shared Stewardship Strategy to work in greater partnership with external stakeholders. While the emphasis of this report was on measuring partnership, it also has useful implications for measuring broader outcomes. 

Understanding Stakeholder Experiences with Long-Term, Landscape-Scale Stewardship Contracting in the Pacific Northwest. This study examined partner perspectives on working with the Forest Service through long-term stewardship contracts and master stewardship agreements in the Pacific Northwest. These large projects seek both restoration and community economic outcomes. This review covered topics of innovation, community benefits, the roles of partnerships and collaboration, use of best value criteria, pricing and costs, and interaction between agency staff and external partners or contractors; and offered new implications for policy and practice.

Case studies and resources

These resources are designed to support practitioners and managers in effective cross-boundary efforts.

All-Lands Checklist: Principles and considerations for more meaningful and effective cross-boundary projects

Trinity Integrated Fire Management Partnership: A Northern California All-Lands Case Study

East Face of the Elkhorn Mountains Project: An Oregon All-Lands Case Study

Working Together to Increase the Pace and Scale of Prescribed Fire: A New Mexico All-Lands Case Study

Summaries of peer learning events

Peer learning events foster meaningful education and networking for practitioners who face similar opportunities and challenges.

Governance structures for large landscape partnerships (2021)

Fostering your forest workforce (2019)

New Mexico all-lands partnerships peer exchange (2018)

All-lands partnerships in Southern-Central Oregon (2018)