The Socioeconimic Outcomes of Restoration

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Developing Socioeconomic Performance Measures Related to the Watershed Condition Framework

This report outlines strategies for developing new socioeconomic performance measures related to the Watershed Condition Framework and restoration on public lands more generally. The performance measures make use of data the Forest Service already collects, and "score cards" allow local units and their partners to monitor progress in adaptive capacity, economic benefits, and social equity. We hope that this report will help agencies and their partners to develop local performance measures and monitoring frameworks for the social and economic impacts of their efforts. Over time, we hope this report will also foster national dialogue about how to measure socioeconomic outcomes of restoration on public lands. All of our working papers can be found on Scholars Bank.

A Quick Guide for Incorporating Collaboration into the Watershed Condition Framework

This guide provides focused tips and strategies for increasing collaboration among national forests and partners at each phase of planning and implementation in the Watershed Condition Framework. More Quick Guides can be found on Scholars Bank.

A Quick Guide for Creating High-Quality Jobs Through Restoration on National Forests

This guide provides techniques for increasing local economic benefit and job creation from restoration using existing authorities and programs.

Briefing Papers

#35: Integrating Socioeconomic Considerations Into the Watershed Condition Framework

#36: Measuring Socioeconomic Outcomes of Forest and Watershed Restoration: State of the Field

#37: Why Create Socioeconomic Measures?

#38: Challenges to Developing New Socioeconomic Measures

A full list of our Briefing Papers can be found on Scholars Bank.