Centers and Consortiums

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Centers and Consortiums
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Center for Wildfire Smoke Research and Practice

The Center for Wildfire Smoke Research and Practice is a practice-driven, applied research program that helps communities, policymakers, and local governments across Oregon be better prepared for wildfire smoke events.

Supported by funding through the Environmental Protection Agency, the center will share information, strategies, and effective monitoring of wildfire smoke with vulnerable populations.

The center will work to bridge challenges facing communities, agencies and other practitioners, and active, responsive research by students and faculty. New knowledge and efficacious strategies identified through the center’s research will offer important evidence-based approaches that can be applied across the Western U.S.

Learn more about the Smoke Center

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Climate Solutions Center

Working towards a just and livable future

The Climate Solutions Center is a platform that facilitates collaborative research and community engagement to find effective real-world responses to environmental and climate challenges focused on higher education's role and contribution to a just and livable future. 


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Oregon Campus Resilience Consortium Concept

The goal of the Oregon Campus Resilience Consortium (OCRC) is to harness our shared responsibilities to protect our students and educational institutions, into a network that can leverage our limited resources and collective expertise under a shared mission.

Together we will cultivate more disaster resilient campuses, that are adaptive and future-ready.

Learn about the Oregon Campus Resilience Consortium